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How many of you out there are rather tallish or much shop for a tallish person?



Even though I am not extraordinarily tall I do at times having trouble finding the right trousers and usually almost always have them adjusted anyway?

Well, somehow Saint Charles, who is rather tall, has acquired (as in, he has no idea where they came from but they are suddenly in his wardrobe) a pair of track trousers that are actually too long on him. The thing is 1,92 so anything long him is rather long?

I first noticed him slithering about the house with them on as they are so completely too long that they cover his feet and then some? I told him to leave them by my machine so I could just hem them because the sight of them were driving me mad. =p So I caught him about to take the shears to them himself (no hem, just a trim, and to save time, he did not even take them off?) in his room and promptly removed them from his person. As I was ripping them off his body he explained that the staples he had used just did not seem to have worked. =|

I tossed them by my machine and as I am as I am, I completely forgot about them once again?

Then comes today! We all went, Adam, my sister and St Charles to the B & Q to look for some things we needed for our house and her flat. I did not notice until much too late that St Charles had taken the trousers off my machine pile and was now once again, wearing them but now this time, in broad daylight! We had already driven all they way there so there was not really much to be done about it. However! As he started to walk about he'd step on them so they were eventually down about his bum and boxer shorts like one of those chaps that thinks having your denims to your knees makes you look interesting. (And not like some sort of forgetful strange person who does not know how to operate a belt. For those of you out there that wear your denims about your bum and you are not in a band that requires it, I would like to ask you to just please stop? For me. For the children! And mostly, for yourself. *pats your hand and firmly yanks up your trousers*)

So after pointing this out to him several times and his abject refusal to go wait in the car when there were so many interesting pipes and things to play about with his brother, what I feared to happen, finally did.

Ignoring his over long trousers, he finally stumbled in them so badly that they were yanked down to his knees in front of several check out queues.


The boxers remained brave and clung on with sheer will! Sort of.

Several peopled applauded. There were a few comments on off seasonal pants? (Christmas boxers) and there was even a concerned employee wondering, I am positive, if he should ask us to leave.


*gives up and giggles*

This is what happens when no one will listen to me! When will they learn I am always right!. =p

*starts a website and a hotline*


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