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Me, Myself, & I

As I sat down at the computer and poked about on AIM I found a minkmix! Oh Evan, I know you are also watching Dark Angel at the moment, she says! Would you mind very much beta-ing some fan fiction I have to post? Why not at all young lady, I responded! XD

*reads 4 pages about chemical castration, induced (ick!) ovulation and Oh! Did I happen to mention chemical castration????*

I should have known it would not be about Alec going to the zoo! =ppp I suppose it is not very easy being a good looking robot, is it?

Oh Mink, Mink Mink...XD

That television programme btw, is very confusing? I understand they are all robots and they do not want anyone to know but why would anyone go about and make a dog robot? =/ =\ A dog robot that paints! oO Honestly, all my non-robotic dogs do is sleep, eat and lay about the place! Oh no, wait just a moment, those are the boys? =p Both of whom are away for the weekend to play! *bounces about a empty house*

I did manage to get the floors oiled today which was nice?

I have also gotten into the vodka and a box of lime pops. =|

EvanLD: Have you ever watched Dark Angel?
blackpredator09: yes
blackpredator09: more than once
EvanLD: It seems like your type of programme? =pp
blackpredator09: why?
blackpredator09: the girl is hot
EvanLD: There are lasers and odd things running about!
EvanLD: I am watching it for Jensen Ackles? =pp
EvanLD: And yes, she is!
blackpredator09: dark hair and eyes?
blackpredator09: and pouty lips
EvanLD: =(|)
blackpredator09: and ass
EvanLD: Goodness.
blackpredator09: of course
blackpredator09: not too big on the upper half
EvanLD: Jessica Alba brings out your hetro! XD

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