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Video Killed the Radio Star

I am actually going to watch telly this evening. And, I cannot wait! XD

We own three televisions.

Isn't this post wonderfully exciting already? XD

Growing up, my sister's and I, only had one television and none of us were really allowed much use of it? It was very small, rather fuzzy and my father used it to watch the evening news and who scored what in whichever match and then it was promptly switched off. In fact, sometimes he only listened never ending talk news on a wireless. =p So! Having three very fancy and capable machines in the house has always been sort of remarkable to me. It is particularly slightly even more remarkable mostly because no one in this house has ever had much interest in television programmes? That, or we are just all too busy, tired, or off to do something else!

One of the three, the one in our upstairs living room/library/study/lay about room/sometimes guest room/ex-bedroom of a long ago moved out sister (which now is more or less a room where the boys keep the shelves of their games, books, DVDs and whatever else they own that I do not want to look at constantly) is not even connected to the cable system? It is for gaming only! The second of the three is not much better than the type my father once had and is situated in the cellar by Adam's gym equipment so he never misses one moment of news while he exercises? =pp (I do not think that telly has been switched off the news or sports in almost 5 years?) (Goodness, we do marry our parents don't we?) *disturbed for a moment* =|

The third of the three sits in our most used room of the house, the living room?

However, just recently, this third and trusted telly we use the most sort of coughed and sputtered! Suddenly Adam was forced to go to the cellar to watch any news and sports at all! Saint Charles had no reality TV on DVD to pass his bird flu time! I could not set Nemo on in my background while I ironed wash! XD Our lives were in upheaval! I suppose we do use the telly quite a bit, just not for what I suppose it really should be used for? =p Adam, after several days of dashing to the cellar to check Olympic things, and huddling about it for news, began to talk of buying a fourth television. I refused! Three already made me feel some odd guilt instilled by a childhood of telling me that telly was a waste of time. And for some reason no one could be bothered to disconnect the gaming telly from so terribly far up the stairs, so Charles, in a bored desperate sick bird flu daze, opened the broken thing and somehow mended it.

And it lived!

Until yesterday. D=

Having the boys lost up in Scotland to play Pretend Alex Heath Games, I have no handy Charles about to have a go at it again and tonight was too special to miss!

Not only is Supernatural The Jared Show on, but most importantly the live coverage of the Academy Awards! XD All night long! It is sort of like my Wintre Olympics with a completely different Heath? =D

First I attempted the obvious! But I was foiled! It appears that the cable no longer even goes up to the gaming telly anymore? =/ Most likely that was all turned around when we were doing the plumbing and reconstruction for the attic. OR one of the RPHs decided to do something interesting and did not bother to tell anyone how or what he did? The second idea was even more logical! Move the telly downstairs!

*stares at 3 gaming consoles, 100 cables, remotes, steering wheels, and other*

*does not want that unholy mess in the living room where it will undoubtedly end up the moment the boys come home and relocate their gaming fun*

So I did it! I went out and bought a television! XP I have never bought a television before in my life? For the first time I sort of wanted Adam about with his never ending and rather annoying knowledge of product placement and all that warranty business? Although it was fun to do it knowing he had no input at all. If you knew him at all you would know that he feels murdered by being left out of decisions (he considers) as momentous as these. =pppppp I felt some odd state of adulthood looking about at televisions! XD

Getting it out of the car and into the house required several stops and starts? XD I should have rang my sister to help me but I suppose I am stubborn. And a bit less stronger than I thought I was? =p

I almost put the broken telly in the garden just for affect when the boys came home? Like an animal head! Or a warning! XD However, that is a bit too chav for me so it is waiting by the front stairs instead.

So it is done! I have connected it successfully to everything and everything works! The cats enjoyed the box for bit and the dogs have approved of their favourite nature programme on it? =pp *plays nature programmes for them because they enjoy the sounds* =p

Now! One half an hour before my boyfriend's haunting show! Finally to be watched alone, as God intended. XD I believe it is a about someone who goes about killing others with a hook? That is all very well and nice but I just hope Jensen takes his shirt off. And then, after I have recovered from what I hope becomes shirtless, there will be through out the small hours of the morning, awards!!!!!! =D

And then the eventual return of Adam and the unescapable lecture on how I bought the wrong type of telly and why and how could you go and do that without even ringing me and OH NO its not the right way because of some silly reason and did you get a paper that says you can return it because if you didn't we will all die in flames and on and on and on. =D

Good Luck Heath! \ " /

*pom poms about*

Well, no shirt removals to speak of AND I think I have even seen that one before? Saint Charles keeps downloading them from the internet and I have forgotten which I have seen and which I haven't! =p
Jared almost got the hand of preacher's son daughter. =ppppp I suppose Jensen in a fitted T shoveling will have to do for now. =PPPPPP

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