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I think I may need a fag? =p

Reese Witherspoon: You looked like a charming cake from a 1930's American prom?

Nicole Kidman: Say what you will of her acting, she rarely if ever lets us down in her frock? Very nice to see a cream amongst all the blacks of the presenters? Understated bead work, and hair down, but classic blond to suit her gown? Very nice.

Naomi Watts: oO What on EARTH was that? Oo Shredded toilet tissue paper with a misused waist? Ick.

Jennifer Aniston: Very safe and boring dress which I would forgive if it weren't for that necklace? =p

Rachel Weiss: Stunningly boring and simple. Was that a sports bra under that gown? You are a nom, give us something a bit more I think.

Charlize Theron: XD What the bl**dy h*ll was that outrageous thing on your shoulder? Very oddly cut dress and it didn't even fit her about the chest.

Corinne Marianne (Short Film Docu Winner): Lovely and very glamorous. (And not even a star. =p)

Sandra Bollock: As a presenter, a very nice muted shade of a blue but that train! Her award winner (John Myers?) stepped on it as she was trying to get out of the way? =p

J-Lo: Perfect. The colour, the fit, yes, just right.

Selma Hayek: A very fitting deeper blue and what Rachel should have been a bit more closer to? Very interesting bodice and shoulder but that bust fit did very odd things to her breasts. =/

Jessica Alba: Even though she slipped up on her presentation, she looked quite nice? Gold was a lovely and very glam look for her and hair up! Thank you. =p

Merle Streep: Aubergine! That neckline and no necklace to take away! Beautiful! XD

Jennifer Garner: Watch your step there love? =p Learn to walk in that fancy train if you are going to wear it in front of 100,000 million people? A cute dress but I did not care for the detail on the empire waist. The simmering stars and the general glitter on a cream was a bit too Britney for me.

Queen Latifah: Black is very safe for a presenter, and it was a very average choice. But again! With such a attractive figure, please make sure your frock fits? =p And, I expected more creative colours from this one? With your skin tone, you could do much better than black.

Uma Thurman: Perfect.

Hillary Swank: My first reaction was, my goodness, how much chest do we need? My second was, H**kerssaywhat? Hair up please.

The boys?

Will Smith looked wonderful? Russell Crowe should be told that you should shave at an event? Ludicrous, oversized diamonds on a man are as repulsive as they are on a woman unless she is about to be crowned?


Poor Heath and Jake? But most of all, poor Lauren Bacall? =/ The poor dear thing became very lost and confused!

*falls over*

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