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Sadly, due to my once most favourite comm, baaaaabyanimals being featured on some silly LJ spotlight it has been inundated with unpleasantness (I think they might have had 2,000 new members within a day) and oddly enough, intermixed with unpleasantness, a sort of over flow of animals that I cannot keep up with? =p

*unfriends it with vague regret and happy memories of meese and meerkats* XD

The boys went off to go snowboarding until Sunday evening rather late so I have the house to myself once again? It could not have come at a better time to be completely honest with you? =p


Spring/Summer Men's is so, so, 1930's posh mixed in with whatever was going on in the mid-1980s! XD Look 13-14 appear a bit more like 1980's Italy chic that went wrong? =p Did I just say that about Gucci? =x

9,16, 28, 35!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

*looks longingly*

And look! (ladies and gentlemen who are so inclined) Gucci has use of an male Asian runway model. =) Speaking of lovely Asian models, isn't she lovely?

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