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I was looking about at the LJ icon and graphics communities in hopes of finding something a bit fun for jinkamoo or charliee because they share a common liking of a man of mine? Sadly, because Jared is my boyfriend, I kept the nicest one for myself? I am not even a user of the word 'squee' but I frankly do not care.


You lot can look about at the others here. I do not know who carmendove is, but he/she makes lovely icons! In fact, until I went hunting about I had no idea that icon making was a competitive sport! They have awards and everything! =) They take it quite seriously?

I leave for a few work days this evening so I have been sort of putting things in order for my leave? That of course means to pack away some easily warmed food, leave a few tonnes of clean wash, and all of that so I do not come home to some sort of cob webbed skeletons laid about forlornly by the cooker. I am looking forward to seeing London again, despite it only being since the New Year? I am looking even more forward to making a bit to help pay the sister fund! =p (A house, 2 cars, 3 dogs, 1 octopus, 3 cats, 2 dependent sisters and 1 Mum who refuses to buy a new car only to keep mending the old! Honestly, where does Adam's pay cheque go? =p)



*stares a bit at Jared's arm*


I wish I had anything more exciting to talk about but all I have been doing all month is minding the house, doing my office tasks every morning and humilating my sister in chess. Which I am rather awful at, so that does not say much about me but a bit less about her? XD
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=/ =\

Holly Hunter is 47?

I had no idea.

She just gave birth to twins? =/ =\ If someone as unlikely or without all sorts of meds can have children than so should I! =PPpPpppPPpPppp~

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I have eaten so many lime pops (a box) and looked at so many photos of this bloke over the course of the evening that I think I have actually simulated the chemical sensation of falling in love?

Ring the press! Wake the scientists!!! I have proven love is just lime pops and Jared Padalecki with no shirt on!!!11

*goes batty and falls over*
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*lays about*

Would anyone be interested in a Fic Challenge this month? I call it:

Ridiculous Crossover Fiction!!!!

You know, two fandoms or anything at all that would just be well, ridiculous? RPS counts as well!

(Liz shall write Vin Diesel x Evan Slash!)

(It's almost canon you know?)

We are both real people and it would be rather ridiculous so it COUNTS! =D

Adam was leaping about like a squeaky dog that needs you to open the door because his brother arrives back into the UK today? Of course he couldn't wait for this evening so he drove to London to fetch him. XD I will imagine he might just storm onto the aeroplane before everyone has even taken their belts off to leap upon him.

Finally! I missed Charles and all but I missed him being a very good Adam Distraction much more? =p My free time shall be back! His play mate has returned! Not to mention someone who knows how to wash some bl**dy dishes about here.

His room is nice and clean and full of new clothes. I tossed his sad shreds (and I do mean literally shreds!) away. I have to do it when he is on a different continent or he saves them from the rubbish bin like some sort of homeless person. =PPP

I would also like a lime pop?

Ms. Winnie just sent me 15 pages Supernatural fan fiction to beta? Loling! Her obsessions are like a laser beam! I suppose without it things like Minkland archives would have never gotten made. =p

Jared is rather lovely however... OO

*must see this Supernatural programme!!!*
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Happy New Year! =D

I am sure I damaged myself with my party indulgences. Adam said I am like that brain that was left in that oven in that film and lost its 9. =p

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Do you like my new icons? I made them myself. =p
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Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Make the best of your holiday and do not get too upset with Mum? ^~

With Affection,
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Recipes I shall be trying this week! =)

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3 more icons! =D *looks about*

After a lovely late supper of a very cold sliced apple, some very warm potato leek soup along with a fresh baguette and my very hot pot of cream tea, I am feeling much better!

*stretches and lays about next to the fire like a useless cat thing*

Myself: I regret to inform you that I have just had the best apple that has ever existed ever!

Adam: How do you know it was the best apple ever?

Myself: Because it was! I am very sorry you will never be able to experience it for yourself.

Adam: How do you know that I didn't have the best apple of all the world yesterday and I just left you the second best apple that has ever existed because it wasn't good enough for me?

Myself: That would be rude!

Adam: *points meaningfully at me* Profoundly so.

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